Washington Square Hawks' boundary perches - February 6th, 2017

I was sick with a cold for the last week so I was pretty happy to be back to Hawking today.

I spent a couple of hours watching Bobby and Sadie perch atop high territory boundary perches.

Bobby was first atop the Con Ed tower several blocks north of the park:

The tower overlooks Union Square Park which is several blocks northeast of Washington Square Park and northwest of Tompkins Square Park. 

Here are the three parks in relation to each other:

 I traveled closer to the tower to get a better look:

Sadie flew into view half an hour later and headed in the direction of Union Square Park while I watched Bobby:

She disappeared behind the taller buildings when she was outside USP.

She came back into view 10 minutes later while she chased pigeons over the low buildings on the block in front of me. She moved past and behind my block so I resumed watching Bobby. 

I started getting cold so I began to walk closer to Bobby's tower. I remembered that one of the tall buildings full of antennas along Broadway was behind me so I checked it for Hawks since it was one building they like to perch on sometimes.

I was happy I looked because there was Sadie!

She dove off and out of sight 8 minutes later.

Bobby moved closer to the front of his tower:

He then jumped off and dove toward Union Square Park:

I looked throughout Union Square Park for several minutes but didn't see him anywhere so I walked back to Washington Square Park.

Sadie appeared on NYU's Education Building flagpole a minute after I had returned:

This building bounds the park's eastern border.

She jumped off the flag pole and circled over the eastern side of the park several times:

She was awfully impressive as she soared about:

She then landed on her favorite southwestern corner building:

She flew west outside of the park 15 minutes later.

A Cooper's Hawk circled high above the park at the end of my visit:

It tucked in then dove to the block south of the park: