Bobby delivers a rat to the nest, Sadie has a nest break - March 16th, 2017

I spent two hours Hawking in Washington Square Park today. I spotted Bobby flying toward 6th Avenue (a block west of the park) and then disappearing as soon as I arrived. Oops.

At least I had some good company:

I was worried I might be in for a long wait to see Bobby again but he soon appeared on One Fifth Avenue and enjoyed the sun: 

You can't see the Hawks too well when they're in the nest. I saw Sadie's tail feathers briefly as she stood up to change position:

Bobby left his perch without me seeing his departure. 20 minutes passed then I saw Bobby bring a little rat to the nest:

Sadie flew out seconds later:

She flew low over the northern building tops before I lost her.

I waited a long while for another nest switch but it didn't happen for the rest of my visit. The park pigeons swooped around a lot but I didn't see any raptor around who might be disturbing them:

Above the park arch:

We still have deep snow since the blizzard on the 14th.

One Fifth Avenue apartment building in the background, the park arch to the left: 

When I was next able to watch the live nest cam I got to see Bobby pick up the rat then pass it right to Sadie's beak before leaving the nest:

She got up from the nest and laid the rat on the snow then returned to the eggs:

I missed seeing how the rat wound up in front of her later:

Checking back later and she had a new rat in her beak! 

She ate a little bit from this other rat:

Back to the eggs:

 7:25PM: Evening time with the cam's night vision setting:

8:53PM: Snoozing with her head tucked into her back: