Chill blasts as Bobby brings paper to the nest - March 22nd, 2017

Today was very cold and super gusty so I wondered if I'd see much of the Hawks but it turned out to be a good hour-long Hawking visit.

A squirrel chewing on a snow wafer:

 Bobby bringing paper to the nest:

He slipped out of sight then was back within a minute with a new piece of paper!

He moved the paper from his talons to his beak:

He brought it to the nest but trees obscured my photographing his landing.

The paper he had just brought in got away from the Hawks and flew about:

I missed seeing if it flew out of the nest area entirely because I was too focused on getting a picture of Bobby exiting the nest:

He flew low above the buildings north of the park then disappeared on me. I waited a while longer for his return. It got too cold for me to hang around so I left but not before taking shots of the nest from below: