Juvenile Hawk visits Washington Square, Bobby escorts it away - March 29th, 2017

I was a couple of blocks from Washington Square Park when I saw a Red-tailed Hawk flying near and past the nest:

I was unable to see Sadie in the nest from my new vantage point:

I had been in the park for 20 minutes when all of a sudden I saw a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk circling above the library and nest:

It flew west and dropped down to a set of buildings along 6th Avenue (a block west of the park):

Legs dropped down:

It scared up some pigeons then disappeared. It returned to the park seconds later and perched on the southwestern building the adult Red-tails like to perch on: 

I then saw Bobby on one of the eastern flag poles 6 minutes later:

The juvenile hopped off its perched, circled, then flew toward Bobby after a couple of minutes:

They both then circled the east side of the park near each other.

The juvenile:


 The juvenile above NYU's Education building (and the flag pole Bobby had been sitting on):

Both Hawks circled above and near the library then flew southeast and out of sight. It was pretty good Hawk action for an hour's worth of Hawking.

The trees are beginning to bloom: