Sadie drinks water, Bobby diverts a flock of crows - March 12th, 2017

A blizzard is on its way to New York City so today was quite windy and cold. I only spent a little over an hour in Washington Square Park but I got to see some nice Hawk action in that time.

I spotted Sadie on her favorite southwestern building when I approached the park.

Catching her balance:

She hopped down into the rain gutter and had a drink:

Back in for more:

She then circled about the northwestern corner of the park and disappeared.

A Turkey Buzzard passed by over the library: 

Several minutes later I watched as the park square's pigeons flew about frantically. Their behavior indicated a raptor was around but the trees obscured my view of the sky.

I then noticed Sadie was back in the nest. Bobby soon left and flew to the same southwest building she had been perched on: 

He surprised me by flying right over me as he made his way to the eastern side of the park:

He went MIA for a few. All of a sudden I heard a terrible commotion of crows and saw that about a dozen of them were flying with and antagonizing Bobby. They followed him as he flew over the nest and further north. They stopped chasing him when he was close to the middle of the eastern side of the park.

One of the crows to the left of Bobby (who is seen in the middle of the photo below): 

He circled a few times in front of the nest after the crows had left:

He then flew around the low buildings north of the park before landing on One Fifth Avenue:

I started to walk closer to his perch to get a better shot of him but he was gone by the time I got to a better vantage point.

He and Sadie have been switching egg-warming duties regularly and all seems well. 

Sadie relieving Bobby earlier today:

 Tonight at 9:34PM: