The demise of the last dud egg - March 2nd, 2017

The last of the two dud eggs from last spring's brood met its demise today. Bobby had dispatched of the contents of the first dud egg a while ago but both adult Hawks tolerated the presence of the last egg until today.

The egg was seen with a big hole in it yesterday morning on the NYU Hawk Nest cam:

The operator of the cam zoomed in on the egg:

At 8:42AM this morning Bobby was fortifying the nest with the egg still in the nest bowl:

Returning paper to the nest bowl:

He flew out of the nest at 9:38AM:

He then flew in and out of the nest a few times while rather hyped up. Back in the nest a couple of minutes later:

 Out in a flash:

Back in and out a couple of minutes later:

I had to take a break from the cam but when I resumed watching at 12:37PM he was back in the nest:

He sat at the edge of the nest bowl and contended with the heavy wind gusts (getting knocked off balance at one point).

At 1:10PM he cracked the egg more, disposed of the contents to the side of the nest bowl then picked at the shell lining for a minute:

 Bobby left the nest again at 1:12PM:

The state of the nest at 5:02PM:

The nest is now more ready for this spring's brood.