Two eggs in the Washington Square Hawk nest - March 14th, 2017

Mama Sadie Hawk and Bobby have been weathering the blizzard, taking turns incubating.

Bobby settling down on the one egg at 10:43AM:

Sadie started to eat a rat meal at 10:55 while Bobby incubated.

Dealing with a wind gust:

At 10:58 Bobby got up from incubating and flew out:

 View of the one egg:

She finished her meal and settled down back onto the egg at 11:04.

At 11:30 she stood up to rotate the egg:

At 11:52AM I watched on the nest cam as she stood up, revealing two eggs in the nest:

She rotated the two eggs then settled down onto them.



Bobby paying a visit at 3:24PM:


Leaving a couple of minutes later:

3:28 - Another peek at both eggs:


I happened to catch another peek at 5:03PM:


Rounding out the late afternoon, here is when Bobby took over incubating duties at 5:17PM, allowing for Sadie to finish her rat and take a break from the ledge: