Bobby spotting, funny squirrels - April 8th, 2017

My better half and I spent an hour in Washington Square Park but were seeing no Hawk action. There was plenty to see in the park nevertheless.

More blooms:

We had a warm spell during the day and the park square was chock full of people:

A squirrel was doing some high acrobatics to reach some tender buds:

He had to give up reaching and walk over to the bounty:

I was sitting on a bench and heard munching near me but couldn't locate where the sounds were coming from until I looked directly overhead and saw a squirrel eating a nut: 


We left the park and were walking uptown at around Broadway and 10th Street when I spotted Bobby tucked into a dive and flying low over 5th Avenue toward Washington Square Park. We about-faced and went back to the park to see what Bobby was up to.

He was on his regular One Fifth Avenue perch. As seen from Broadway:

A closer view of Bobby:

It became much colder and gustier and we had watched Bobby for 25 minutes and it didn't look like he was going to leave his perch anytime soon so we left for the day.