Sadie's watchful eye on the nest - May 8th, 2017

Mama Sadie Hawk was on a nest break when I arrived at Washington Square Park today. She was on her One Fifth Avenue perch, across the park and in full view of the nest:

She was sunning and preening. A Mourning Dove was having a nap near me:

I was pleased to see the Northern Waterthrush was still in the same patch I saw it in during my last visit:

A House Finch was wrestling with some blossoms but was otherwise victorious:

Sadie flew off her perch, in the direction of the nest, then swung to the east and landed on NYU's Silver Center:

Happy shake:

She then flew to the nest and rested a while with the hatchling:

The babe stood and flapped its winglets several times and sat close to mom.

Sadie off on another break:

Back to Silver:

Even though she had multiple breaks from the nest, she was within seconds of the nest and keeping an eye on her babe.

Off to circle over the park again:

I wasn't able to see where she flew when she disappeared behind the park arch north of me.


It was several minutes later when I saw Sadie back on One Fifth:

Bobby joined her a couple of minutes afterward: 

He jumped off the perch and headed to the nest for his shift:


He made like he was going to land in a window several windows east of the nest but apparently changed his mind, readjusted himself in mid-flight, then flew to the nest:

He left the nest while I was distracted looking at my camera settings. Oh well! I looked to One Fifth and Sadie was gone too.

Bobby returned to the park then landed on One Fifth again: 

I couldn't see where Sadie was so I left for the day. It was an excellent hour and a half visit all told.