Fledgling practices prey-diving - June 28th, 2017

It had been a couple of days since I visited Washington Square Park so I was surprised and delighted to find the fledgling in the same area I found her last time. The only difference being she was one tree over:

The visit started the same way too; with a long stretch of her relaxing, preening, and receiving the odd visitor:

I was facing north and noticed Bobby on One Fifth. I raised my camera just in time to catch his leap off his perch:

The fledgling didn't seem to see the parent. She did become alert at this time and I almost missed her flight because I was still focused on Bobby. I had watched her in her tree for an hour and a half.

She dove toward pigeons a few times and otherwise flew to multiple perches:

Scrunch and spring:


A couple of Blue Jays were nuisances again:

She eventually began to settle down and hopped from branch to branch in one tree as though to look for the perfect spot to have a nap (in a shady spot under heavy leaf cover). She appeared restless, even cranky. The Blue Jays harassed her again and again.

She flew away from them and to the Hangman's Elm:

It was apparently not suitable because she soon flew to a building across the street from the park where she promptly plopped down for her nap:

Fledgling masters the art of tree preening - June 26th, 2017

Today's visit was one of those ultra mellow ones where the Washington Square Park Hawks just sit in place. It made it easy to keep my eye on them because I had all three of them in my sight line for a while. 

I found the fledgling about 10 minutes after I arrived. She was quite high up in a tree. She spent the entire two hours in the same section of the tree. She did have a few adventures in between bouts of preening and stretching: A couple of squirrels got close to her branch so she spread her wings a bit to scare them off and a Blue Jay squawked at her but didn't dive-bomb her this time.

The view of the new One World Trade Center building from where I stood:

The fledgling would watch whatever prey would walk on the lawn:

One of the visiting squirrels:

Passing squirrel:

After about an hour and a half the sun was getting in my eyes so I moved and spotted Bobby on the NYU Education Building flag pole in the distance. I have no idea when he arrived but he wasn't there at the start of my visit:

I looked at the Silver Center flag pole and there was Sadie!

It was good to have all the Hawk there at once and appearing well.

I wrapped up my visit and left the park with everyone still on their respective perches: