Mellow, zesty, mellow visit with the fledgling - June 25th, 2017

It took me half an hour of searching among the trees to find the Washington Square Park fledgling today. A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen her several minutes earlier but the little Hawk moved trees by the time I arrived. 

I spotted one of the adults on the northwest corner of One Fifth easily enough but the fledgling was quite camouflaged:


She got dive-bombed by a pair of Blue Jays for a few minutes and she seemed a little perturbed by them but not enough to bother moving.

Back to preening and scratching:


She spent a minute intently watching pigeons that would walk underneath her tree:

It's been a while so how about we have a game of Spot The Hawk?


One of the adult Hawks circled above her tree patch. She began to cry and cry and couldn't keep her eyes off the parent.

Scampering up a new branch:

It was Bobby:

Even though she'd cry she did not follow him. She did soon leap off her tree and start hopscotching all around. She left her tree 2 1/2 hours after I first spotted her.


Soaring right past me:

She had spent 15 minutes zipping from tree to tree until settling high in a tree top for some more preening:

She got dive-bombed by Blue Jays again (I think they were the same pair from the other tree because of the distinctive noise one of them would make when bopping her; it was a noisy call I'd never heard a Jay make before).

I watched her for about 15 minutes before I left the park.

Fledgling zips through the trees! - June 23rd, 2017

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw the fledgling fly into the park trees early this afternoon. Hooray! The last time I saw the fledgling was June 15th which was much too long for me. She was in the western trees when I arrived at Washington Square Park.


She was full of energy during most of my visit, zipping around all areas of the western side of the park. She settled down to preen in one tree for half an hour but that was the only time I saw her subdued. I counted 15 trees she perched in for at least a few seconds each.

Some of the more fun pics during my visit:

She dove down and made a squirrel leap for its life (seen jumping to the tree in the lower left):

Butter talons:

Scrunch and spring:

Time for a preen:

A Blue Jay dive-bombed her a few times:

I lost her an hour and 15 minutes after I arrived. All was not lost though because I then saw Bobby circling a block north of the park. He was being dive-bombed by a smaller raptor. He escaped it and landed on the northwest corner of One Fifth:

He soon moved over to the southwest corner:

He dove off after 8 minutes. It was getting a little late and I was turning into a mugsicle (it was extremely muggy out) so I left but happy to have seen the fledgling after long last.