All three Hawks seen. Mama Hawk delivers pigeon, baby has some hop flaps - June 1st, 2017

It was a rather action-packed 2 hour Red-tailed Hawk visit in Washington Square Park today. I saw all three Hawks. They were in great form with Bobby guarding and Sadie delivering pigeon to the babe.

The area on the sidewalk below the nest is dangerous to walk on and I rush past for obvious reasons whenever I must pass by.

The babe only hop-flapped a little less than half-way across the ledge each time:


All of a sudden it moved its head while obviously watching something in the distance. It started to hunch down and I got excited because it could only mean an adult was about to fly into the nest.

Sadie flew in with a pigeon:

Mom relaxed and preened while the baby ate:

I noticed Bobby on the nearby flag pole as I moved closer to the nest:

Sadie flew out of the nest 25 minutes after her delivery:

She circled a few times then landed on the dish below Bobby's perch:

She hopscotched a minute later before flying to the second dish:

She was on her perch for 4 minutes. She then flew to One Fifth Avenue:

Bobby didn't leave his perch until 4 minutes later:

I lost him as he flew south. When I looked toward One Fifth Sadie was gone as well. I watched on the live cam as Bobby delivered another pigeon to the nest a few hours later. Mom had her fill then left the nest for the kid to feed itself.