Fledgling has a meal, all Hawks seen - June 15th, 2017

The heat wave has broken and today's weather was quite lovely. All three Washington Square Park Hawks were seen close by each other and I saw the fledgling have a meal on NYU's Silver Center.

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted the fledgling on Silver earlier in the morning so I had a general idea where to look.

Bobby was the first Hawk I saw today. He was on One Fifth Avenue. He was soon harassed by a Mockingbird:

He flew past me and toward the eastern buildings:

He landed on one of the NYU Education Building antennas where he picked up some food and brought it to the next antenna:

I walked over to the building to get closer shots of Bobby but of course he was nowhere to be found when I reached the building. 

I still hadn't found the fledgling so I was appreciative when a construction worker-turned-Hawk-watcher pointed her out to me on the corner of Silver. :) 

She was in the middle of a meal:

It's possible she was eating the same rat Bobby had been toting because she was eating a rat. It's a shame I missed the food drop if that's the case but I was happy to see her eat (the first time I personally saw her eat since Fledge Day five days ago).

The House Finches stopped by for a routine visit:

I watched her eat for close to 20 minutes:

She moved over to the nearest window and plopped down for a nap:

I went looking for the other Hawks and found Bobby on One Fifth again:

A Mockingbird soon came by and dive-bombed him (again):

Bobby flew over the library (nest), continued south, then circled above the couple of blocks south of the nest before disappearing westward.

Back to the fledgling:

Hanging with her Finch buds:

I spotted Sadie on one of the antennas next:

She moved around one of them a lot. It looked like she was having trouble getting comfortable. Once again I walked closer to the building for a better look and once again the Hawk gave me the slip when I got there.

The fledgling plopped down for another snooze:

I then saw Bobby followed by Sadie as they approached the eastern buildings again 15 minutes later.



I missed where she went but Bobby landed on the Education Building flag pole as is his habit:

I watched him for almost 10 minutes, taking pictures now and then in the hopes of seeing his leap off the pole.

I almost missed catching his flight entirely!

I saw him circling over the street a couple of blocks northeast of the park as I headed out for the day.