Fledgling practices prey-diving - June 28th, 2017

It had been a couple of days since I visited Washington Square Park so I was surprised and delighted to find the fledgling in the same area I found her last time. The only difference being she was one tree over:

The visit started the same way too; with a long stretch of her relaxing, preening, and receiving the odd visitor:

I was facing north and noticed Bobby on One Fifth. I raised my camera just in time to catch his leap off his perch:

The fledgling didn't seem to see the parent. She did become alert at this time and I almost missed her flight because I was still focused on Bobby. I had watched her in her tree for an hour and a half.

She dove toward pigeons a few times and otherwise flew to multiple perches:

Scrunch and spring:


A couple of Blue Jays were nuisances again:

She eventually began to settle down and hopped from branch to branch in one tree as though to look for the perfect spot to have a nap (in a shady spot under heavy leaf cover). She appeared restless, even cranky. The Blue Jays harassed her again and again.

She flew away from them and to the Hangman's Elm:

It was apparently not suitable because she soon flew to a building across the street from the park where she promptly plopped down for her nap: