Hawk adults circling high, youngster has only a few jump flaps - June 7th, 2017

My four hour Hawk visit at Washington Square Park today was rather quiet despite its duration. The young Hawk mostly relaxed and had only a couple of jump-flap/flying sessions.

Bobby and Sadie were impressive with their high circling together. They followed each other west then north and back to the park.

New World Trade Center in the distance:

Bobby tucked into a thrilling dive north of the park:

One of the adults catching a high thermal:

The youngster had been playing with a plastic ring one of the adults brought to the nest months ago. It became a toy for the kiddo to grab and toss but it fell over the side of the ledge when the youngster was having a jump-flap session:

I found it but it was out of reach under fenced-off construction equipment:



I watched the young Hawk's tremendous jump-flapping and flying and hopping all over the ledge later in the day on the nest cam.