Hawk adults sit together like Lovebirds - June 16th, 2017

It sprinkled on and off today and it was sparse Hawking until I found the parents on the western side of the park. I looked as well as I could on the east side buildings and trees but wasn't finding the fledgling.  

Sadie was on the fleur de lis ornament at the northwestern corner building:

I strolled around the park to come back to the western side a half hour later to find Sadie allowing a Mockingbird dive-bomb and follow her about:

She soon tucked into a fast dive away from the pest. 

I looked for the fledgling for another half hour unsuccessfully.

When I returned to the western side I saw that both Bobby and Sadie were seated together like a pair of old Lovebirds:

Bobby zipped across the park 6 minutes later, flapping quickly, toward the south. I have no idea what that was about:

I found him on the southwestern corner building a minute later. A worker was below him, probably oblivious to the presence of the mighty raptor:

A few Blue Jays were making a ruckus a block south from where I stood and flew closer and closer to Bobby. One of them then dive-bombed Bobby. He's usually tolerant of harassing birds but this time he took off away from his tormentor immediately:

He flew right back to Sadie:

She flew southward after 9 minutes: