Hawk baby defeats plastic bag during mighty battle - June 4th, 2017

Today's visit to Washington Square Park lasted a little over three hours. During that time both adult Hawks stayed relatively close to the park and nest and the little Hawk had many fine jump-flapping sessions.

Sadie on a nearby water tower ladder (view from across the library and nest):

Stretching above:

Bobby on one of the Hawks' favorite perches:

Bobby jumped off, flew over the trees, then circled near Sadie:

A kind NYU worker let me and my Hawking friends know that there was a public event happening in one of the NYU buildings where we could go and get nice views of the park and Hawks.

The views were indeed spectacular and we were able to have a different perspective of Sadie on her water tower ladder: 

We returned to the park after a few minutes. 

Sadie circling low over the park square:

Time for some exercise and flying practice!

The bag entangled in the nest was no match for the little Hawk:

The bag bit was subdued but not yet defeated.

The scrap of bag flew up and nearly escaped the ledge:



The Hawk eventually settled down to rest and it began to rain so we left the park for the day.