Hearty jump flaps, mom and dad visit the nest - June 5th, 2017

The following pictures of the Washington Square Park Hawk family are from a three hour visit at the park today.

The Hawk youngster rested, preened, had hearty jump flaps, and a meal or two during my outing.

Both parents visited the nest ledge and Bobby brought a bit of a pigeon meal from the nest to a regular 'dinner table' atop a railing of NYU's Pless Building. That spot is where the adult Hawks have left meals for the fledglings in past years.

Bobby seen through the trees:

Mama Sadie visiting the nest:

She ate part of the food that was in the nest:

Bobby on a new perch on the opposite side of the park:

The babe approached mom and looked like it was checking her beak for tidbits:

Sadie out:

Bobby in:

He soon brought it to the Pless dinner table:

He ate a bit then flew to a railing on Silver Center, leaving a bulk of the pigeon on the railing.

Bobby on Silver:

He moved to a new spot of Silver before I left for the day: