Sadie and Bobby cavort together - June 20th, 2017

Mama Sadie Hawk was on the northwestern corner building when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

She took off 12 minutes later and circled near another object the block north of the park:

It was a bear balloon:

I guess she realized there was no danger to her territory because she tucked into a dive back toward the park:

On the southwestern corner building a few minutes later:

She flew off a couple of minutes later and circled around her building and the park square:

Coming in for a landing on her southwestern building:

Off again 10 minutes later:

She flew to 6th Avenue (the block west of the park and closer to where the fledgling was last seen) so I followed her there. I walked along 6th and looked for the fledgling but didn't find her. 

I did see Sadie and Bobby circle closely together and one of the adults toting food at one point so I had hopes the fledgling was nearby (and simply out of view at the moment).



They followed each other back and forth above the buildings just west of the park.

Bobby on One Fifth Avenue 40 minutes later:

He dove off after 3 minutes and headed low over the southern park buildings:

His disappearance was a good time for me to pack up and take my leave.