Sparrow snack - June 17th, 2017

A fellow Hawk-watcher alerted me last night that the Washington Square Park fledgling had been spotted on the back of the southwestern corner building so we focused our Hawking in the western side of the park today.

The fledgling was being naughty though and didn't show her pretty face during our visit. 

However the parents were full of activity flying about.

Bobby and Sadie flew around the northwestern buildings early on. Bobby on Two Fifth Avenue:  


Bobby had what looked like a Sparrow in his beak:

He brought it to the southwest corner building where he may have gobbled it up because when I saw him a few minutes later on another section of the roof he was wiping his beak as he does post-meal.

My friend and I were searching along 6th Avenue for the fledgling when both adults circled above then went to separate perches at opposite ends of the park: 


Sadie was on the southwest corner building. She got harassed by Mockingbirds. She is not as tolerant as Bobby and flew away from them after a few seconds:

She moved to her northwestern corner building a few doors up:

Flying the western corridor (fountain spray in the center):

We lost her when she traveled northward:

I was only at the park for two hours today and would have stayed longer but the weather looked threatening and wouldn't you know it began to heavily downpour when I was a block from the park.

A fellow Hawk-watcher who remained in the park told me that Bobby stayed on his flag pole perch for the hour plus it rained and then opened his wings to dry them.

In other exciting news, he told me that he saw Tompkins Square Park adult Hawks Christo and Dora feed a Starling to the rehabbed fledgling that was recently released in Tompkins Square Park, just as the Horvaths expected. It's wonderful how the pair adopted this kiddo and is attending to it as they do their own fledgling.