Whole Hawk family together; Fledgling flying great - June 14th, 2017

I was getting a little concerned because I wasn't seeing any of the Washington Square Park Hawks the first hour and fifteen minutes of my visit today.

I was happy to then see Bobby atop One Fifth Avenue:

He disappeared on me when I moved to get a different view of him. I didn't see the Hawks again until 15 minutes later when I saw all three of them at the same time. 

Bobby was on the Education Building flag pole, Sadie was flying over the park toward Bobby, and the fledgling was sitting behind one of the Hawks' regular 'dinner tables' below Bobby.

The fledgling was crying out and watched mom fly overhead and perch near Bobby:

Sadie got dive-bombed by a Mockingbird for a few seconds:

Sadie on the left, Bobby on his flag pole:

The fledgling got up then flew about 3 minutes later:

 It took me 6 minutes to find her again. She was on a water tower near her original perch:

She was off after several seconds:

I watched as Sadie preened and settled down for a sun bath:

She flattened out atop the antenna:

She and Bobby then got up a little over 10 minutes later and started circling higher and higher above the park: 

They took off in different directions so I looked for the fledgling again. She was on the same water tower platform where I first found her on Fledge Day.

She was more hidden from view from a new angle:

House Finches stopped by to visit her as they usually do with the Hawks:

It was warm and muggy and I had been at the park for about 3 hours so I left for the day.

I should tell you to keep watching the live Hawk cam because you can see some of the Hawks' perches from the cam. Below are most of the perches featured in this post alone:

Bobby back on his flag pole as I was leaving the park: