Double WSP park visits (morning and evening) - July 30th, 2017

I have been having poor Hawk-sighting luck so on July 30th I visited the park for a couple of hours in the morning and for about an hour and a half in the evening.

And wouldn't you know I still had no luck seeing any of the Hawks during either visit. I'm suspecting that it's "summer excursion" time. 

Every summer the adult Hawks tend to take extended visits away from the park in the weeks after their fledgling care-taking duties have been fulfilled. Of course this is pure supposition. The Hawks are always full of surprises! :)

 Hawkless building perch:

Bobby plucks then totes a branch - July 28th, 2017

I had all of a five minute Bobby sighting today but it was some of the most fun I've had all week considering how bad my Hawking luck has been lately.

I was Hawking by myself so I had to rely on the other park creatures to point out where a Hawk might be if I didn't spot one myself first.

So today Blue Jays were carrying on loudly in a southern park tree. It's a tree I've seen Bobby in several times in the past so it must be one of his all-time favorites.

Silly me was wiping my forehead with a handkerchief rather than keeping my hands ready on my gear so I missed getting a shot of Bobby swooping out of his tree with his twig. :)

But I did catch him as he flew away from me:

He made his way to the smaller of the two Judson Memorial Church crosses:

Moving higher up:

He then took off and flew eastward. I thought he might bring the twig to the nest but he instead flew past the nest, veered left, then perched on one of the eastern building tops:

The red stone of Bobst Library (location of the nest) on the right:

I was able to find him quickly thanks to a gap in tree foliage:

He moved the twig from his talons to his beak then back to his talons before lifting off again:

He again flew past the nest and this time continued westward:

He disappeared when flying low over one of the southern buildings. I wasn't able to find him so I looked for the fledgling for another hour but never saw her.

I spied a starling and sparrow about to dine on an apple:


WSP visit and surprise Tompkins Square Hawk sighting - July 26th, 2017

Today's weather was gorgeous so it was a pleasure to look for the Washington Square Park Hawks for two hours but it wasn't great to not see them yet again. I'm going to have to switch up my Hawking schedule for better luck.

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw the fledgling last night and another friend showed me recent video footage a friend of his took of the fledgling sitting on a low fence outside the bathrooms.

I checked on King Pigeon's puddle from a couple of days ago and saw it had drained quite a bit:

Starlings were having a drink an hour later:

A bit of greenery hanging tough while it grows on Judson Memorial Church:

It's only appropriate that the capital behind it bears a greenery motif:

I don't recall if I've mentioned this before in my blog but I see at least one of the adult Tompkins Square Park Hawks almost every time I have to be in their territorial range; either when they are on one of their tall apartment building perches or circling the sky a few blocks south of the park.

I saw both of them circling yesterday and also today before my WSP visit which was nice since I haven't seen the WSP Hawks in so long. 

But what was especially nice was spotting one of the TSP Hawks perched high up on some construction after today's Washington Square Park visit (when I still happened to have my camera on me).

King pigeon takes a bath - July 24th, 2017

I visited Washington Square Park to look for the Hawks today now that the recent heat wave has broken. As luck would have it I didn't see a single Hawk, just like during my last visit a couple of days ago.

We had lots of rain yesterday and this morning so one of the patches of lawn developed a bird bath. This patch develops a puddle every time we have such heavy rain. 

A big pigeon took advantage and enjoyed a bath while keeping his eye on me:

Still keeping an eye on me:

Washington Square Hawk updates - July 22nd, 2017

I went to the park for about an hour today but missed seeing Hawks however a fellow Hawk-watcher who showed up a few minutes after I left the park saw the parents deal with a falcon and the fledgling fly around the park fountain. 

Earlier in the week a couple of Hawk-watchers saw the fledgling perch on the Church cross on different days so that was pretty fun news.

It will be cooling down in the city soon which should provide for more extended Hawkery in the coming days.

Fledgling chases a Blue Jay - July 17th, 2017

Scattering pigeons signaled that one of the Washington Square Park Hawks was in the vicinity so I scanned the trees nearest me and spotted the fledgling on a new tree today. Her branch was rather low over one of the park paths:

She studied the plant-filled lawn near her tree but since she had a full crop I doubt she was seeking prey.

Sleepy head:


A Blue Jay started squawking to the east. The fledgling surprised me by flying to the Jay rather than ignore it or fly further from it considering how pesky the Jays are for the Hawks:  

What were park-goers engrossed in rather than a Hawk fly-by? Phone, food, phone, phone, book:


Making her way toward the Jay yelling from the left-hand branch:

Right before leaping toward the Jay:

The fledgling eventually flew to another patch of trees away from the Jay:

The Jay followed her to her new tree:

It flew away after a few minutes.

Time for a new tree to relax in:

She settled down so I took the chance to leave for the day.