Bobby plucks then totes a branch - July 28th, 2017

I had all of a five minute Bobby sighting today but it was some of the most fun I've had all week considering how bad my Hawking luck has been lately.

I was Hawking by myself so I had to rely on the other park creatures to point out where a Hawk might be if I didn't spot one myself first.

So today Blue Jays were carrying on loudly in a southern park tree. It's a tree I've seen Bobby in several times in the past so it must be one of his all-time favorites.

Silly me was wiping my forehead with a handkerchief rather than keeping my hands ready on my gear so I missed getting a shot of Bobby swooping out of his tree with his twig. :)

But I did catch him as he flew away from me:

He made his way to the smaller of the two Judson Memorial Church crosses:

Moving higher up:

He then took off and flew eastward. I thought he might bring the twig to the nest but he instead flew past the nest, veered left, then perched on one of the eastern building tops:

The red stone of Bobst Library (location of the nest) on the right:

I was able to find him quickly thanks to a gap in tree foliage:

He moved the twig from his talons to his beak then back to his talons before lifting off again:

He again flew past the nest and this time continued westward:

He disappeared when flying low over one of the southern buildings. I wasn't able to find him so I looked for the fledgling for another hour but never saw her.

I spied a starling and sparrow about to dine on an apple: