Fledgling chases a Blue Jay - July 17th, 2017

Scattering pigeons signaled that one of the Washington Square Park Hawks was in the vicinity so I scanned the trees nearest me and spotted the fledgling on a new tree today. Her branch was rather low over one of the park paths:

She studied the plant-filled lawn near her tree but since she had a full crop I doubt she was seeking prey.

Sleepy head:


A Blue Jay started squawking to the east. The fledgling surprised me by flying to the Jay rather than ignore it or fly further from it considering how pesky the Jays are for the Hawks:  

What were park-goers engrossed in rather than a Hawk fly-by? Phone, food, phone, phone, book:


Making her way toward the Jay yelling from the left-hand branch:

Right before leaping toward the Jay:

The fledgling eventually flew to another patch of trees away from the Jay:

The Jay followed her to her new tree:

It flew away after a few minutes.

Time for a new tree to relax in:

She settled down so I took the chance to leave for the day.