Fledgling dives for pigeons, all three Hawks seen - July 6th, 2017

I visited Washington Square Park on July 4th but didn't see any of the Hawks. Other Hawk-watchers let me know they saw the Hawks since my last Hawk sightings on the 2nd so that was good comfort. I was pleased to see all three Hawks today over the course of a couple of hours today.


The fledgling picked at the leaves at her feet.


Making a go at the pigeon flock on the lawn behind me:

She repeated these kinds of dives a few times, keeping to the same clusters of trees. 

We were in a group of trees that I'd seen Bobby sit in many times before so I would look for him too but so far no good. 

The fledgling disappeared after another bombing run. I then saw a Hawk fly past me, flying from the north trees to the south trees.

The fledgling then reappeared from the north to a tree in front of me so I was pretty sure that previous Hawk was one of the adults and not the fledgling flying the same route twice.

A squirrel challenged the fledgling a couple of times then ran away:

The fledgling would look up and stare and cry (obviously at a parent) but I wasn't seeing either adult circling above.

The fledgling moved to the trees further south:

Looking up and crying again:

Scrambling higher in the tree:

All of a sudden I noticed the red tail feathers of a Hawk sitting on a branch adjacent to the one the fledgling had perched on two photos ago: 

It turned out to be Bobby! He flew to a new tree where he got dive-bombed by a Blue Jay:

I lost sight of him when he flew eastward.

The fledgling resumed her zipping activities:

In a tree around the bend:

She disappeared on me when flying to northern trees.

I saw who turned out to be Sadie circling the One Fifth Avenue apartment building. She flew to her southwestern corner building top. She cried out when flying and right after landing:

She flew to the back of a neighboring building where she fetched a pigeon that had apparently been stashed there for a later meal. She brought it to her southwestern corner building:

Bobby was sitting on one of the decorative urns at the building where the pigeon stash was located:

A Mockingbird soon harassed him:

He perched atop the northwestern corner building.

Sadie too got dive-bombed:

She had tolerated the one bird but when its partner showed up she had had enough:

She flew north with her meal to eat in peace: