Washington Square tree update, expanded Hawk search - August 16th, 2017

I was in Washington Square Park early this morning to look for the Hawks. I spent a little over two hours looking for them in the park and several blocks north and east of the park to no avail. I saw no Hawks. Neither did a fellow Hawk-watcher when I was a few blocks away.

I was on the largest northwestern lawn when all of a sudden I noticed I had a dramatically increased view of the sky in one area. The park trees have been getting pruned by arborists over the last several days so at first I thought the view was due to pruning when all of a sudden I realized an entire huge tree had been removed! This heap was located near where the tree once stood:

I was sad at this discovery because it was a tree Bobby and fledgling(s) have perched on often. In fact, it was the first tree I watched this year's fledgling sit in at the beginning of this post. For those who know the park, it was a tree behind and northwest of the Hawley monument.

I assume the tree was removed because it was diseased or otherwise posed a danger to park goers so that's understandable. And I'm glad for it, especially since it was only yesterday when an entire Central Park tree uprooted unexpectedly and injured a mother and her three young children.

I only felt the missing tree was a shame because I know how much Bobby especially used one of its main branches as a hunting perch.

Arborist attending to some other pruning:

I left the park to look for the Hawks north and east of the park.

I heard a pair of Blue Jays calling out loudly as they followed each other flying along 10th Street roof gardens. I was hoping they were chasing a Hawk but it was not to be.

A couple buildings' rooftop greenery along 10th Street:

Checking the ConEd tower for Hawks through Grace Church:

The ConEd tower at 4 Irving Place in relation to Washington Square Park:

Back at the park where I was among others admiring the prism in the fountain:

Replacing tiles below Sadie's Cardozo Law building perch from a couple of weeks ago (top of the park arch at the bottom of the picture):


6:50PM: A fellow Hawk-watcher reported seeing one of the Hawks atop an eastern park flag pole. :)

"Witching Hour" with the Washington Square Park Hawks - August 13th, 2017

A couple of fellow Hawk-watchers and I call the time in late morning/early afternoon "The Witching Hour" as it's the time the Hawks routinely leave the park grounds (especially in summer) for other adventures. 

I wasn't able to get to the park until the dreaded Witching Hour today and sure enough I did not see the Hawks in or around the park. I arrived at the park on the cusp so I took the risk and lost the gamble.

Discarded NYU butterfly display case on Greene Street:

Early morning Hawking with Bobby and Sadie - August 11th, 2017

A construction crew outside my building woke me very early this morning so I took the opportunity to Hawk in Washington Square Park. I arrived not long after the sun's rays rose over our multi-story horizon. 

Below is a view of Sadie's Cardozo Law building roof perch featured in this previous post.

The park arch is in the foreground and the One Fifth Avenue apartment building is on the right:

Sadie was on her northwestern building soaking up some rays:

I looked for Bobby (or the fledgling but I knew my odds were bad) in the trees but was not successful. I then heard Blue Jays going crazy at the eastern side of the park so I looked and saw Bobby freshly-landed on NYU's Silver Center:

I started walking over to him to get a better shot but he dove into the trees before I could reach him. The Blue Jays' squawking gave me an idea where he was located. He flew past me as he moved from one tree patch to another. 

I searched for him for 15 minutes but couldn't find him. I reckon he flew out of the trees and away from the park.

Back to Sadie:

She tried to perch on the top but she was unable to find purchase so away she flew:

She headed directly to a regular perch a couple of blocks north of the park:

I looked away for a second and of course missed seeing where she flew to next.

Either a Mockingbird or Blue Jay was there in her stead:

I saw her for a total of 45 minutes. The arborists arrived for their shift:

I wasn't finding Bobby again either so I left for the day.

Hawk flash and arborists - August 8th, 2017

Arborists were busy pruning dead foliage from the northwestern section of Washington Square Park when I arrived today:

As if you had to guess, yes there were no Hawks around considering the noise from the chainsaw, chipper, and number of guys in the trees. :)

I searched in and around the park for about an hour when all of a sudden I saw Sadie Lady circling the block south of the park:

She disappeared when flying high over the library:

I searched for her but never found her. I saw her for about a minute total. 

Everything else seemed to be in order so I left the park but not without first taking a few more snaps of the arborists:

I admit I was a little jealous of their being so high up in the trees:

Washington Square Hawk takes to the Cooper Union skies - August 5th, 2017

I spotted one of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks flying above Cooper Union and Astor Place today. I'd seen one of them (usually Bobby) in that area a few times before. But this Hawk was too high to identify. It was circling high above Cooper Union Art School at first.

The art school:

Cooper Square in relation to Washington Square Park:

The Hawk flew toward the park after a few minutes. 

I was on my way to the park when I noticed there was plenty of slice at one of the old Mercer Street evening roosts:

The slice looked like it might be recent so perhaps one or both of the Hawks still roost there regularly. Bobby and Rosie would roost there. I don't know if Sadie has joined Bobby there.

I looked for the Hawks in and right around the park for a while but didn't see a Hawk there so I left and attended to some of my weekend errands.

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted one of the adults visiting the nest earlier today!

Sadie taking in a northern sun bath - August 2nd, 2017

The Washington Square Park Hawks have been spending less time in the park these days so rather than wait until they arrived where I was, today I decided to seek them out where they might be. I checked the park for an hour then expanded my search beyond the park grounds.

The strategy paid off because I found Sadie taking in the sun atop the Cardozo Law building (one of their regular northern building perches):

The building's location in relation to the park:

You can see this perch from the park and I have checked it as a matter of routine but today was the first time I've seen her up there in several weeks.

A Blue Jay was flying around the lower building tops going bonkers giving out its Hawk warning cry. It was carrying on so much I thought maybe there was a second Hawk around so I scanned the nearby buildings for one but I only saw Sadie.

 She left her perch 20 minutes after I first spotted her:

She circled around for a couple of minutes before returning to her perch:

The Blue Jay flew to a perch below her and continued squawking:

It flew east. A second Jay showed up to take over squawking duty:

Sadie left her perch again 14 minutes later (Mockingbird coming in on the left): 

Rather than circle back, she kept flying west where I lost her. I looked for her but didn't find her so I returned to Washington Square Park. I resumed a scan for any Hawks there but did not see any there so I wrapped it up for a day.