Distant views from the Hawking grounds - August 25th, 2017

I wasn't finding the Hawks in Washington Square Park this morning so I searched several blocks north and east, covering Astor Place and searching throughout Union Square Park. No Hawks. 

I took some "B roll" photos during their absence I thought might be fun in the meantime.

There are certain angles where you can see the Empire State Building from the park:

What I didn't realize until today was that you can see people on the observation deck from this particular angle:

I love when a tree starts to grow on a building uninvited. This sprig is growing on a church a few blocks north from the park: 

The complex is well maintained so I doubt it will grow too much bigger before it's removed.


There is a large gap in the park trees from where one of the huge western trees had been removed by the arborists. The unobstructed view now allows for you to check on the Hawks' flagpole when at the opposite side of the park: