Early morning Hawking with Bobby and Sadie - August 11th, 2017

A construction crew outside my building woke me very early this morning so I took the opportunity to Hawk in Washington Square Park. I arrived not long after the sun's rays rose over our multi-story horizon. 

Below is a view of Sadie's Cardozo Law building roof perch featured in this previous post.

The park arch is in the foreground and the One Fifth Avenue apartment building is on the right:

Sadie was on her northwestern building soaking up some rays:

I looked for Bobby (or the fledgling but I knew my odds were bad) in the trees but was not successful. I then heard Blue Jays going crazy at the eastern side of the park so I looked and saw Bobby freshly-landed on NYU's Silver Center:

I started walking over to him to get a better shot but he dove into the trees before I could reach him. The Blue Jays' squawking gave me an idea where he was located. He flew past me as he moved from one tree patch to another. 

I searched for him for 15 minutes but couldn't find him. I reckon he flew out of the trees and away from the park.

Back to Sadie:

She tried to perch on the top but she was unable to find purchase so away she flew:

She headed directly to a regular perch a couple of blocks north of the park:

I looked away for a second and of course missed seeing where she flew to next.

Either a Mockingbird or Blue Jay was there in her stead:

I saw her for a total of 45 minutes. The arborists arrived for their shift:

I wasn't finding Bobby again either so I left for the day.