Sadie taking in a northern sun bath - August 2nd, 2017

The Washington Square Park Hawks have been spending less time in the park these days so rather than wait until they arrived where I was, today I decided to seek them out where they might be. I checked the park for an hour then expanded my search beyond the park grounds.

The strategy paid off because I found Sadie taking in the sun atop the Cardozo Law building (one of their regular northern building perches):

The building's location in relation to the park:

You can see this perch from the park and I have checked it as a matter of routine but today was the first time I've seen her up there in several weeks.

A Blue Jay was flying around the lower building tops going bonkers giving out its Hawk warning cry. It was carrying on so much I thought maybe there was a second Hawk around so I scanned the nearby buildings for one but I only saw Sadie.

 She left her perch 20 minutes after I first spotted her:

She circled around for a couple of minutes before returning to her perch:

The Blue Jay flew to a perch below her and continued squawking:

It flew east. A second Jay showed up to take over squawking duty:

Sadie left her perch again 14 minutes later (Mockingbird coming in on the left): 

Rather than circle back, she kept flying west where I lost her. I looked for her but didn't find her so I returned to Washington Square Park. I resumed a scan for any Hawks there but did not see any there so I wrapped it up for a day.