Bobby leads a kestrel from the park, Sadie in the trees - September 30th, 2017

I missed a lot of sweet Bobby and Sadie action before I visited Washington Square Park today. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw Bobby on Silver and Sadie fly into the trees which was pretty exciting because almost never see her in the trees.

Bobby was on Silver when I arrived:

He was off soon, circling above the eastern border of the park:

Balancing against the wind gust:

A kestrel found him and started to dive-bomb him so he circled with the kestrel as he flew south then west:

The kestrel still tagging along:

Bobby finally giving it the slip as he flew higher and higher:

He landed on One Fifth:

He flew to one of the other ledges before jumping off, circling the building, then disappearing northward:

I didn't find him again or see Sadie but did catch some geese migrating south: