Bobby visits the nest, Turkey Vultures visit the park, Sadie perches high - October 30th, 2017

A big rain and wind storm passed through the area last night and this morning and there were some downed branches in Washington Square Park but nothing too devastating:

The gusts were still quite powerful throughout my visit.

I spotted Bobby in the nest a few minutes after I had arrived in the park:

He flew over the park square then surprised me by flying directly toward the lawn where I was standing:

He landed above me in the tree I was standing next to. That was awfully nice of him! :)


He rested most of the time despite being dive-bombed by a pair of Blue Jays for a few minutes. He also spent some time eyeing pigeons and squirrels that would pass by on the lawn below.  

Something caught his eye and he flew out of the trees 50 minutes later:

He flew north of the park and rose very high in the sky:

He then tucked into a dive and flew back toward the park:

I didn't find him right away but I did see a pair of Turkey Vultures soar over the park as they traveled southeastward:

I then saw who I later identified as Sadie landing atop One Fifth Avenue:

She left her perch 7 minutes later. She flew right to her favorite northwestern building:

She was only there for a couple of minutes before going to her southwestern perch:

I missed seeing where she flew during the few seconds I was adjusting at my camera settings. Typical! 

I resumed my search for Bobby and was glad when a fellow birder pointed him out to me. He was in the same tree as earlier but on a different branch:

He had bouts of preening:

A nice stretch was interrupted by a powerful wind gust:

Watching park critters on the lawn again:

He spotted a pigeon sitting a few trees eastward and plucked it of its branch:

He had spent nearly a full hour in the tree during this break as well.

About to fly past the arch:

It looked like he took it to the eastern trees to eat but I couldn't find him anywhere.

I spotted a Hawk on the flag pole and thought it was him at first but then realized it had been Sadie once I got home and could better study my photos:

It was lucky timing because I only saw her on her perch for two minutes before she hopped off and flew north and out of sight:

Bobby hunts from the trees, joins other Hawk in the sky - October 27th, 2017

I followed Bobby Hawk around Washington Square Park for a little over an hour today as he rested and hunted in the trees.

I first found him in a tree at the eastern side of the park:

Hello Mr. Puffball:

I spotted Sadie on her northwestern perch while I walked to Bobby's new tree:

Blending in with the autumn leaves:

Flying clear across the park square:

Descending into the western trees:


If I had just arrived in the park there's a great chance I would not have seen him:

A squirrel on a lower branch kept an eye on him:

It was around this time when I noticed that Sadie was no longer on her building perch.

The pigeons who live in that section of the park were on edge and kept still in their tree while Bobby was around:

Another squirrel climbed the tree and crawled close to Bobby, challenging him. Bobby turned away and flew:

He flew south out of the trees and landed on one of the buildings facing the park:

He then called out loud and flew with another Hawk higher and higher and north out of the park. I'm assuming he was joining Sadie but I didn't get a good look at the second Hawk so I can't be sure: