Bobby and Sadie soar triumphantly over Washington Square Park - October 11th, 2017

The Washington Square Hawks have been seen in the park by fellow Hawk-watchers recently during my brief break. They even saw Bobby roosting at his warm hotel/restaurant perch we call The Red Roost Inn one evening.

I saw both Sadie and Bobby today for over an hour before they flew up up and away.

Sadie on the southwest corner perch:

I was focused on her when all of a sudden Bobby came out from the park trees and landed on the church I was standing next to:

 He was on the smaller of the two crosses:

He flew low over the tree line 7 minutes later:

I couldn't find him so I went back to watch Sadie:

She left her own perch after another 40 minutes:

Bobby quickly joined her and they circled over the southern part of the park before he flew west and she landed on the northwest corner building perch:


She flew eastward after 2 minutes:

She flew south of the park. I looked for her but was unsuccessful so I returned to the park grounds. The pigeon flocks from both sides of the park kept flying frantically so I knew there must be a Hawk around but where!?

It wasn't long before I saw both Hawks flying together again, above the northern side of the park.

They once flew in consistent formation from right to left like fighter jets:


Bobby with his legs hanging down:

They circled higher and higher together then flew far south: