Bobby and Sadie's nearness at home - October 16th, 2017

I got to watch Sadie and Bobby Hawk fly and perch close together in Washington Square Park today. There was a lot of perching then flying then perching again during my visit.

I first saw Sadie on one of their eastern flag poles:

She jumped off then circled low above the tree line and park square before returning to her perch:

It wasn't long before she did so again:

Flying past Bobst Library (where the nest is):

She flew in front of the NYU Education Building then landed on one of its roof antennas:

Off again and on the same flag pole as before:

She flew off yet again but flew far east so I lost her. I looked around for Bobby in the trees but didn't find him so I was about to leave the park when I saw a Hawk on a flag pole:

I was in a busy spot so I moved a bit and noticed a second Hawk!

It was Sadie on the antenna, Bobby on the flag pole:

He flew off, circled low over the park square, then returned to Sadie's area:

He flew eastward and Sadie followed:

She eventually landed on her northwestern building perch:

It took only seconds for her to fly over the park and meet up with Bobby and circle with him above the park. They flew higher and higher then disappeared so I left for the day.