Bobby hunts from the trees, joins other Hawk in the sky - October 27th, 2017

I followed Bobby Hawk around Washington Square Park for a little over an hour today as he rested and hunted in the trees.

I first found him in a tree at the eastern side of the park:

Hello Mr. Puffball:

I spotted Sadie on her northwestern perch while I walked to Bobby's new tree:

Blending in with the autumn leaves:

Flying clear across the park square:

Descending into the western trees:


If I had just arrived in the park there's a great chance I would not have seen him:

A squirrel on a lower branch kept an eye on him:

It was around this time when I noticed that Sadie was no longer on her building perch.

The pigeons who live in that section of the park were on edge and kept still in their tree while Bobby was around:

Another squirrel climbed the tree and crawled close to Bobby, challenging him. Bobby turned away and flew:

He flew south out of the trees and landed on one of the buildings facing the park:

He then called out loud and flew with another Hawk higher and higher and north out of the park. I'm assuming he was joining Sadie but I didn't get a good look at the second Hawk so I can't be sure: