Brief encounters with the Washington Square Hawks - October 19th, 2017

I saw the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks for less than an hour today but it was great to see them doing well.

Sadie was on her northwest building perch:

I heard Blue Jays going nuts in one area of trees so I headed over to see if Bobby was there. I ran into a park friend who knows the Hawks well and he remarked he thought one of the Hawks might be in those trees too so I had a good feeling about it. 

Not five seconds after I left my friend did I see Bobby fly through the trees and out of the park. I raised my camera and fired but didn't get a pic of him. :)

I did see him circling northwest of the park though:

I lost sight of him so I returned to the park where I saw him now on his One Fifth Avenue perch:

Sadie was gone from her building at this point.

He flew eastward after 15 minutes:

I saw him as a bitty speck far east from the park a minute later. I had to run so I gave up looking for either Hawk not long after.

A fellow Hawk-watcher did see Sadie north of the park (on the Cardozo Law School Building) earlier the evening.