Peregrine Falcon and Washington Square Hawk tussle - November 8th, 2017

I spotted a Peregrine Falcon circling above the street one block south of Washington Square Park today:

I searched for the Hawks in the park but was unsuccessful for the first 25 minutes until I spotted a Hawk circling super high in the sky east the park:

It looked like the Peregrine joined the Hawk when it got closer to the park:

The two raptors never made contact but they didn't seem too friendly with one another. I lost sight of the Peregrine.

I then saw the Hawk tuck into a dive and race toward 6th Avenue (west of the park) where it joined up with another Hawk:

They circled each other a little and the one Hawk flew very quickly chasing it:

They both dove like lightning northwestward and out of sight:

Meanwhile, we're in full autumn swing: