Sadie screams over the park square - November 10th, 2017

It was cold and blustery in NYC today so Sadie Hawk had quite the time dealing with the gusts. But she was in fun form as she circled above the park square a few times. She screamed often as she circled rather low over the pigeon flock that was getting fed in the square and the park trees.

I first found Sadie atop One Fifth Avenue:

She jumped off her perch 25 minutes later:

Diving into the trees:

Flying in front of One Fifth:

More screaming:

Back to One Fifth:

Back to the cross:

She might have looked right at me:

In the sky again:

I last saw her as she flew northwest and out of the park:

I saw another raptor not far from where I last saw Sadie but I am not sure if Sadie had any interaction with it.

I had to pack up and leave because I was a little under dressed and Sadie was MIA. I was a few blocks east of the park when I looked back and saw a Hawk circling over the park again. :)