Sadie's chimney spa, Bobby swoops through the trees and beyond - November 1st, 2017

I made a passing glance at a chimney Sadie has been known to sit on while I walked to Washington Square Park today. I was pleasantly surprised to see her on the perch!

Those heat vents give off a lot of much-needed warmth on cold wet days like today:

Her perch was at the red star to the right of Washington Square Park:

I had a good view of the ConEd tower (another of the Hawks' perches) up the street:

There was a lot of noise and activity at the building undergoing construction next door but she seemed unperturbed:

I watched her for a little over 10 minutes before hurrying over to the park to try to catch a glimpse of Bobby.

I wasn't finding him in his usual spots at first. I then came across a group of park-goers gathered near a tree. I said hello to one of my friends in the group when all of a sudden I noticed they were looking at Bobby!

I was told Bobby made a go at some prey from that tree earlier but didn't catch anything so he returned to the tree to survey the lawn again.

Bobby was alert at times, quite resty at others:

He turned around and then made a dash for something else but didn't catch it:

I had watched him in that tree for 11 minutes. I spent the following hour and a half watching him fly among the trees and outer perches before he flew far northeast from the park.

Moving to a new branch, scaring up some pigeons:

I hope the picture below gives a good indication of how cold and raw the autumnal air was. You can see the One Fifth Avenue tower (another of their favorite perches) in the distance through the trees:


He flew right past me then in a curve out of the park: