Thanksgiving Love Hawks - November 23rd, 2017

I didn't originally plan on Hawking today but was glad when my better half convinced me to check in on the resident Washington Square Park Hawks. It didn't take too much prodding as you can imagine.

We set out for the park and first saw Sadie as she circled over its northeastern section:

She soon landed on her southwestern corner perch and soaked up some sun:

I saw Bobby zoom in and land on One Fifth Avenue 15 minutes after I first saw Sadie:

He flew off his perch after 4 minutes and headed west out of the park:

He's the speck to the right of the water tower:

I joked that Bobby was going to swoop around the back of the buildings and land right next to Sadie. Well wouldn't you know Bobby did just that 12 minutes later! He can be so kind and accommodating. :)

The two preened, looked at each other a few times, and otherwise kept an eye on the area:

Sadie walked to the other end of their perch 10 minutes after Bobby landed:

I missed the shot of her taking off and heading north. I then missed the other shot of Bobby taking off and following her out of the park. They looked like they were doing excellently. My better half and I had to fly as well so we used the Hawks' departure as permission to leave.