Bobby hunts from the trees as Sadie looks on - December 7th, 2017

My first 45 minutes of Washington Square Park Hawking were Hawkless until Bobby showed up as he landed on One Fifth Avenue:

He flew off and headed north after 7 minutes:

I found him flying above 5th Avenue five minutes later as he flew toward the park again. But I couldn't tell where he was headed at first. He gave me the slip. I found both Sadie and him in the park around 15 minutes later. 

Sadie on her southwestern corner building:

Bobby was in his favorite tree of late:

He's quite easy to spot now that the trees are stripped of leaves.

He scanned for prey:

Sadie turned around on her perch and faced west, toward 6th Avenue:

Bobby focused on the pigeons eating on the lawn across from his tree:

He dove at them twenty minutes after I found him. He didn't make a serious go at them though:

He swooped around and landed in a new tree close by:

Sadie had left her building around this time.

A squirrel climbed Bobby's tree and approached him:

The squirrel got bold and charged at him so Bobby spread his wings and chased it away:

Bobby took to the air and circled above the northern and eastern sides of the park for a few minutes before disappearing northward. He had been on his new tree for 20 minutes.

A Hawk approached the park from the north a few minutes later. I thought it was Bobby at first but it turned out to be Sadie:

She flew over the park and traveled southward:

I was Hawkless again so I left for the day.