Bobby visits the nest, perches with Sadie far and near - December 24th, 2017

One of the Hawks was circling above the Bobst Library (location of the Hawk nest) when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

He flew north. Two Hawks (who I'll assume were our resident Hawks) circled together just north of the park 10 minutes later.

They then rose super high in the sky and flew together for the next 20 minutes before flying to the ConEd tower.

I chose to stay in the park and keep checking on them on the tower rather than get closer to them should they decide to return to the park right away. 

It takes the Hawks about seven seconds to fly from the tower to the park while it takes me about 7 minutes to walk about the same distance.

My tactic paid off because Bobby returned to the park 20 minutes later and perched nearby, on the southwestern corner building:

It was lucky because I didn't have to move from my spot.

Relaxed leg kick-out:

He didn't sit for long before he got dive-bombed:

Bobby flew east and landed on one of the flag poles after a half hour of perching on his corner building. He then leapt off the pole and landed on the base where the Judson Memorial Church cross used to be. I had wondered if the Hawks would perch there!

Sadie appeared on the southwestern corner building:

Bobby then dove toward some pigeons before landing in a tree:

The Starlings near him didn't seem too flustered by his presence. They continued to sing gayly even as he flew near them:

Bobby then hopscotched to a few perches over the next 20 minutes before visiting the nest:

Sadie flew east then to her northwestern building perch:

Bobby fussed inside the nest bowl and the ledge for about 7 minutes before circling over the park then returning to the southwestern corner building:

Sadie joined him not long after:

Someone in the park square was blowing bubbles (one of which can be seen in the lower right of the photo below):

Bobby left Sadie's side after 5 minutes. He disappeared east out of the park.


I had been at the park for a little over two hours and it was pretty cold out so I figured I should go too. 

When you stand on 4th Street right outside the park you can look due east and see one of the Tompkins Square Hawks' favorite building perches far in the distance:

You can then face west and see the Washington Square southwestern building: