Quick peek at a Hawk on a chilly wet day - December 12th, 2017

It was chilly and cloudy in the city today with intermittent showers. The snow in Washington Square Park has almost completely melted:

What used to be a snow man:

The park arch pigeons were all panicked but I couldn't see a raptor:

A Hawk appeared over the northeast area, circling a few times before heading further northeast:

I might have seen the Hawk for one minute tops. It was better than nothing! 

I was sadly under-dressed for the elements and more rain was imminent. I had a feeling the Hawk(s) wouldn't be back for a while anyway so I rushed away while I could.

The darkened noontime sky:


A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted both Hawks sitting together on the southeast corner building a few hours later so it was good to hear they're doing just fine.