Surprise Juvenile Hawk, Bobby and Sadie perch together - December 16th, 2017

I was walking toward Washington Square Park when a Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk flew across the sidewalk in front of me, chasing another bird.

It landed in the trees of nearby Sarah D. Roosevelt Park:

It was a treat to start Hawking so unexpectedly!

It noticed pigeons several yards away and dove toward them. It had been on its perch for 4 minutes:

Tilted on its side in hot pursuit:

I lost sight of the youngster. I couldn't find it so I continued to Washington Square Park. We got some new snowfall:

I spotted Sadie on a regular perch north of the park. That building was Hawkless not two minutes beforehand:

She soon jumped off and dove low and out of sight.

I went a few blocks north to look for her. I turned around to check One Fifth and saw her perched on the northeast corner: 

I got closer and saw that Bobby was with her too. Sadie on the left:

The lighting changed often, bathing the building in warm and cool tones:

Bobby flew off after 25 minutes:

I thought he was going to swoop around the building and keep flying but he landed on the ledge around the corner from her:

He jumped off after 3 minutes then dove northward:

I and another Hawk-watcher watched Sadie for another 45 minutes until we went our separate ways for the day.

I went back to the park grounds to see if Bobby might have flown there without my seeing but I didn't find him.

I left the park with Sadie still on her perch: