Tompkins Square Park female Hawk treated for injury, new female takes her place! December 9th, 2017

It will be interesting to see if Dora fiercely defends her territory and chases the new female away when/if she's released back in the park. 

This all reminds me of when Washington Square Park's Rosie (Bobby's second mate) arrived the day after Violet was rescued for her own rehabilitation

Old followers of my blog are aware but unfortunately Violet passed away post-surgery. It was all bittersweet though because his new mate Rosie was a great companion for Bobby (and was a wonderful character in her own right) until she disappeared from the park under mysterious circumstances. The last time I saw her was in September 2014. 

Bobby's third and current mate Sadie arrived at Washington Square in February of 2015.

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In Washington Square news, a fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Hawks in the park on this snowy day in NYC.