Sunny Sadie - January 30th, 2017

I didn't see either Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk during the first 40 minutes of my meander through the park and surrounding blocks today.

A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen Sadie visit the nest, eat some pigeon leftovers on the park arch, and rest in a tree earlier in the day. They also saw Bobby which was excellent.

I was a block south of the park when I saw Sadie flapping her giant wings as she landed on One Fifth Avenue:

I watched Sadie have her sun bath for close to 40 minutes before I tore myself away from her. There was always a chance she'd fly to a new perch or that Bobby would arrive but it was not to be this time.

Hawks visit the nest, pal around in high places - January 28th, 2017

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted Sadie at the nest with a huge twig for fortification yesterday.

I was hoping to see some nest action today but it was not meant to be.

Both Hawks were relaxing together atop One Fifth Avenue when I arrived (Bobby on the left):

Bobby left Sadie's side after 12 minutes:

He flew east of the park and out of sight. He then landed on a favorite flag pole bordering the park several seconds later:

He then circled directly above me and my friend for a few spins:

His tail feathers are so ratty right now:

He then flew northeast again.

 Sadie stayed put for a while:

My friend and I waited around for another 25 minutes for some action but there was no change and it was very cold and raw outside (with intermittent snow fall) so we left the park.

I was a few blocks east of the park when I saw two Hawks circling above Broadway and around 8th/9th Streets.

One of the Hawks: 

They circled for a few seconds before moving further east (Wanamaker Building in the foreground):

The next block east was Lafayette Street where I saw one of the Hawks as but a speck above the Astor Place Tower:

The red pin below marks where the Hawks were circling in relation to the park:

The two Hawks tucked in then dove in the direction of the park. I searched for them for about 15 minutes but didn't find them again.

I did see one of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks on a regular perch (Village View Housing Corporation) several blocks due east of Washington Square Park:

I know the photo below is terrible but my lens could only handle so many chimney heat waves (at least you can see the Hawk). :)

This apartment complex in relation to the park:

Sunny day Hawks briefly palling around together - January 25th, 2017

We've had lots of rain the last few days so my Hawking was curtailed a bit. Today was a beautiful sunny day and the Washington Square Park Hawks did a lot of sunning when I visited them.

Sadie was on One Fifth Ave when I arrived:

Bobby joined her 25 minutes later:

He left her side after a minute then flew north:


She left her perch a half hour after Bobby had flown away. She went north as well:

I went north to try to find the Hawks and was rewarded with a Bobby spotting as he flew above 5th Avenue and 11th Street.

He was flying not high above the luxury apartment buildings:

He soared about for about 5 minutes then tucked in and dove back to his One Fifth Avenue perch.

Since I was north of the park, he and the 'back' of the building were silhouetted against the sky:

I returned to the park and resumed looking at him from the park:

I only got to watch him for 4 minutes though.

His flight mirrored Sadie's from earlier:

He was off northward again:

I hung around for another 15 minutes before calling it a day.

A mighty Kestrel perched atop one of the Hawks' NYU flag poles:

It flew east after 3 minutes:

Both Hawks seen in the nest (and an overdue thank you) - January 24th, 2017

An intrepid fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks visit the nest and nest ledge three days ago. As spring approaches, we should see lots of nest fortification and mating!

I'd like to thank everyone for their generous donations over the past few months.  You help keep me equipped with camera accessories, Clif bars, and coffee! I'm also grateful to all the loyal followers of this blog who keep me motivated. I appreciate it so much!

It is heartwarming to know that so many people love the Hawks like extended family. :)

Spring-like Hawk day - January 19th, 2017

We got a taste of spring today with temperatures reaching almost 50 degrees. Both Sadie and Bobby Hawk were in great form palling around together and flying around Washington Square Park.

One of the Hawks was on One Fifth Avenue when I arrived:

I saw the other Hawk flying low over the park trees so I went to look for it. Pigeon flocks panicked so I knew it was around but didn't see it again until it joined the other Hawk atop One Fifth Ave 10 minutes later.

Bobby looking out over the realm, Sadie tucked behind him:

Bobby flew off and circled around the northern side of the park a minute later:

Bobby then flew to the back of the building and sat at the northwest corner:

Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right:

It was Sadie's turn to fly next. She flew off a minute after Bobby landed on the back side: 

Sadie flew to the street one block south of the park. I tried to find her but she gave me the slip.

Returning to the park, Bobby still on the back corner of One Fifth:

Ah, Sadie had landed on her favorite southwestern building!

Over the next couple of minutes Bobby landed on a building a few doors north of her then they both dispersed and went their separate ways. 

Bobby went northeast while Sadie flew due north.


I left the park half an hour later and spotted Bobby as he flew overhead when I was a few blocks southeast of the park.

It was a nice bonus sighting to cap my visit:

One Hawk follows the other on this sunny winter day - January 15th, 2017

I was only with the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks for about 45 minutes today but got to see some nice sunning and flights.

Both Hawks were on their favorite perch atop One Fifth Avenue when I arrived (Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right):

A Raven flew over the park, calling out intermittently:

Sadie watched it keenly:

Both Hawks continued to sun and relax.

This Sparrow was in the tree across from me, trying to take a nap:

We have had new snow showers recently. Some plants heavy with snow:

Bobby rustled then hopped off his perch and flew northeast from the park:

He had a nice full crop so it was obvious he had eaten recently:

Someone was walking one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen in the park:

Sadie leapt off and followed Bobby 8 minutes later:

She disappeared northeast too.

I looked for the Hawks several blocks from the park but didn't see where they went.