Sun bath and nest switch. Bobby charges office gawker - April 20th, 2018

I first caught up with Bobby having a sun bath on One Fifth Avenue today:

He sat in the sunshine for half an hour then circled above the park and nest:

He landed on one of the flag poles diagonal from the nest:

He disappeared for close to 40 minutes then returned to One Fifth:

He rested for only 5 minutes before flying closer to the nest:

The next bit of action was pretty exciting. He dove off his perch, charged at one of the windows, circled back over the square, then charged a window again:

His target was someone in an office recording a protest taking place in the square:

Bobby never made contact with that person's window but he was clearly acting in a protective manner. He continued on and flew right to the nest (the man can be seen in the lower left):

Sadie switched egg-warming duties with Bobby and flew north and out of sight for her break:

I did see a Hawk flying near a chimney perch I've seen her on at 3rd Avenue and 10th Street (a flew blocks northeast of the park) but I couldn't be sure it was her. There is a flock of pigeons that live near there and this Hawk was circling low over the buildings and the panicked pigeons. Whoever that Hawk was, pigeon was on the menu!

Spring blooms, Bobby sunbathes while on duty - April 18th, 2018

There wasn't much Hawk action in Washington Square Park today but a sighting is a good sighting and I saw Bobby for over an hour today.

Some blooms in and near the park:

Bobby first appeared on an eastern flag pole:

He landed on One Fifth then promptly settled down for an extended sun bath:

A Turkey Vulture drifted over and past the park:

45 minutes passed before Bobby dove off One Fifth and headed east. I had to leave so I left after 20 minutes of waiting for Bobby's return.

Warblers and nest switches - April 13th, 2018

It was a warm day in Washington Square Park today (close to 80 degrees). There were a few migrating Palm Warblers flitting about when I first arrived:

I had been in the park for an hour when all of a sudden I saw Bobby all tucked in like a bullet as he dove low over the trees and toward the nest.

He hopped onto the ledge then switched places with Sadie:

She brought a bit of pigeon with her:

It looked like she dropped the pigeon onto the cross base. She wiped up her beak:

She flew south of the park then returned to the tower 15 minutes later:

I found out that NYU has been the owner and maintainer of the tower for years and that it is not a part of Judson Memorial Church. I inquired about the cross and was told that it should be replaced in a few months, after the bell tower undergoes some restoration.

Sadie returned to the nest:

Bobby promptly took his leave:

He flew into the western trees and it looked like he grabbed a pigeon in mid-air and took it west out of the park. I was hoping to see a plume of plucked feathers in the sky to pinpoint where Bobby was but it was not to be. I waited another half hour for his return before I left.

Today's Hawk action might have looked like part of a serene scene but with the warm weather there were tons of people out and about and lots of musicians of different genres playing in their respective park spots. It was pretty festive today and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, ready for summer!

Nest switch and feathers for all - April 7th, 2018

I spent an hour and a half in Washington Square Park today and saw some pretty nice action. I was under a thick of trees when I saw my first Hawk of the day fly into the nest. I had no idea which Hawk it was though.

I saw who was definitely Sadie circling above the park 20 minutes later:

Circling high above the NYU Bobst Library (the location of the nest):

She disappeared south of the park. I couldn't find her so I returned to the park and noticed NYPD officers on top of the arch:

There were a lot of cops and people by the fountain and it looked like quite the scene. Someone in the crowd passed out pillows so I realized it was an annual Pillow Fight event.

Meanwhile, Sadie was sitting next to the green triangle on One Fifth:

A White-throated Sparrow was having a snack by some wet soil near me:

Many feathers were released during the pillow fight. Some of them floated in my direction and some of the birds collected feathers for their nests:

Bobby flew out of the nest and headed north:

He returned to the nest three minutes later but flew in so unexpectedly I had no time to zoom in:

Sadie flew in right after him:

Bobby stepped right toward the ledge and flew out:

He circled above the park then dove quickly northeast of the park:

I thought he might have landed on the ConEd tower but he wasn't there. I waited around a bit for his return but he didn't so I left for the day.