Dora, Tompkins Square Park's female Hawk, is expected to spend several more months in recovery - January 31st, 2018

I just read the update on Dora's condition in this post on Goggla's blog.

It appears Dora will not be released back to Tompkins Square any time soon. This is disheartening news as I was so looking forward to see if she would regain her territory and rear a springtime brood with Christo this year.

All the best to Dora and to WINORR (Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation) for taking such good care of her.

Snow shower interruption, one Hawk seen - January 30th, 2018

I was having a fine time looking for the Hawks in and around Washington Square Park until an unexpected snow shower made me pack up and leave before my equipment got too wet. 

I did see a Hawk atop the ConEd tower at one point however it was gone when I checked the tower again nearly 20 minutes later. 

Pigeons gathering on the park arch after a few panicked flights:

Empire State Building in the misty distance:

Hopscotching Hawk on the ConEd tower, Bobby visits the park - January 26th, 2018

I wasn't finding any raptors in Washington Square Park at first but did see a Hawk on the ConEd tower in the distance:

I walked around the park and saw a second Hawk with the first one 25 minutes later: 

I took my eyes off the tower and noticed the original Hawk was alone again! 

45 seconds later Bobby approached the park all tucked in, heading right toward One Fifth:

He caught a thermal and hovered for a few seconds above the building before descending and perching:

The tower Hawk stayed put. It was obviously Sadie and that Bobby had been sitting with her earlier.

Bobby sunned on One Fifth for 20 minutes before zooming northeastward:

Sadie lost some footing a few minutes later:

She composed herself then hopscotched to the eastern side of the tower and back again:

Vigorous juvenile Hawk catches rat, roosts in the park - January 24th, 2018

It was an exciting visit as I followed a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk around Washington Square Park for a few hours. It spent the majority of its time hunting peppered in with resting and preening breaks. It eventually caught a rat then roosted in the park's Hangman's Elm for the night.

I did not see either of the resident park Hawks. I was hoping they'd show up so I could see one of them chase the interloper out of the park. I had nothing against the visiting juvenile Hawk, I just wanted to see some territorial action!

I noticed that you can see the Grace Church cross tower quite well from the park:

This is helpful so that I don't have to walk all the way to Broadway to check if one of the Hawks is sitting up there as one was a couple of days earlier.

Pigeons kept mysteriously freaking out and I couldn't figure out why until a juvenile Hawk zipped in front of me while I was Hawk-searching in the east side of the park:

The following pics are a mix of action and glamour shots:

Sitting in the tree (center of photo):

Its markings looked very much like the juvenile Hawk that Goggla saw hunting in Tompkins Square Park on the 11th.

It dove to the ground to catch a rat but missed. You can just make the Hawk out by the fence line:

Silhouetted by the moon: