Brief Bobby sighting during a chilly outing - January 7th, 2018

It's been extremely cold here in NYC which hampered my Hawking a bit. However a combination of cabin fever and missing the Hawks compelled me to visit Washington Square Park for about 45 minutes today.

 A rat walked so close to one lady, her feet almost made contact with it as she walked:

Bobby appeared in the sky east of the park. He circled closer and closer until he was above the park square: 

He wasn't there for long. He tucked in and dove toward the ConEd building 8 minutes after I first spotted him:

You can just make out the brown Hawk shape to the left of the antenna:

There was no Hawk on the tower when I checked it a few minutes before Bobby arrived at WSP.

I had to run errands uptown so I put my camera away. As I walked up Broadway I saw a Hawk on a water tower located between the park and the ConEd tower. I was not able to tell which Hawk it was. It flew toward the park seconds later.

A fellow Hawk-watcher reported seeing Bobby and Sadie together on the park's southwestern corner building about 20 minutes after I had left the park so that was good news.