Hawk-filled visit in Washington Square Park - January 18th, 2018

Over the course of two hours today I saw an adult Cooper's Hawk, Bobby and Sadie, and the juvenile Cooper's Hawk who's been hanging out in the park lately. It was quite the Hawk fest!

There was a lot of perch-hopping and flying about between the two adult Red-tails. 

Bobby was on One Fifth as soon as I arrived in the park:

Either a Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk flew overhead (they're notoriously difficult to distinguish from one another).

I heard a Hawk screaming behind it. It was Sadie screaming as she chased the Hawk out of the park:

Sadie soon flew northeast from the park. You can see the ConEd tower in the distance:

She came back to the park and landed on the southwestern corner building:

Bobby jumped off One Fifth and flew south of the park:


Bobby back on One Fifth:

I was pretty excited when the juvenile Cooper's Hawk landed in the same tree as it did when I first saw it three days ago.

Bobby left One Fifth and flew south of the park.

The Cooper's Hawk settled down on its branch.

Sadie flying to One Fifth:

Bobby immediately joined her:

The Cooper's Hawk dove into the western trees 13 minutes after landing in its first tree:

Bobby flew off One Fifth. 

Sadie peeking around:

I initially lost the Cooper's Hawk but saw it again 45 minutes later as it chased park pigeons. It flew to the eastern trees where I found it in view of One Fifth:

It sat for 10 minutes before diving to pigeons just north of the park:

One of the adult Hawks flew over the east side of the park as I was leaving for the day: