Hopscotching Hawk on the ConEd tower, Bobby visits the park - January 26th, 2018

I wasn't finding any raptors in Washington Square Park at first but did see a Hawk on the ConEd tower in the distance:

I walked around the park and saw a second Hawk with the first one 25 minutes later: 

I took my eyes off the tower and noticed the original Hawk was alone again! 

45 seconds later Bobby approached the park all tucked in, heading right toward One Fifth:

He caught a thermal and hovered for a few seconds above the building before descending and perching:

The tower Hawk stayed put. It was obviously Sadie and that Bobby had been sitting with her earlier.

Bobby sunned on One Fifth for 20 minutes before zooming northeastward:

Sadie lost some footing a few minutes later:

She composed herself then hopscotched to the eastern side of the tower and back again: