Quick visit with Dora followed by Bobby and Sadie sharing a pigeon meal - February 27th, 2018

I stopped by Tompkins Square Park for a few minutes to check on Dora and found her high in a tree at the western side of the park:

She flew across the park and circled above the east side before continuing northeastward:

Fellow birders had seen her in the gingko tree nest for a while before I arrived. Word was that Nora, the female Hawk who hooked up with Christo during Dora's absence, had not been seen since around 3:00PM yesterday. More details and all the latest updates can be found on Goggla's Tompkins Square site.

I soon made my way to Washington Square Park to check on Bobby and Sadie.

A Mockingbird was hanging out on a low branch:

I never knew they had yellow eyes:

The pigeons would have moments of panic. I didn't see what, if any, raptor was stressing them out though. Here they are so nicely spread out on the park arch at one point:

About a half hour passed before I saw Bobby fly to the southwestern corner building, toting a pigeon.

He was crying out repeatedly as he landed on the building top. Perhaps he was telling Sadie lunch had arrived. She soon joined him:

He took the pigeon to a nearby building to have first dibs:


Sadie watched him eat:

Plucked feathers:

Bobby ate for 15 minutes then circled above the park with the pigeon:

Sadie joined him and they circled together above the park square for around 5 minutes.

Sadie returned to the building:

Bobby swooped in and brought the pigeon to the rooftop gutter:

He would duck his head down and with the lighting being what it was I would have overlooked him if I didn't know he was up there.

Sadie walked along the gutter and picked up the pigeon for herself:

Bobby left then circled above the park again:

It wasn't long before Sadie took the pigeon, circled above the park a couple of times, then flew southwest of the park (either to eat or stash it for later):

[Updated with pics] She's back! Dora, the Tompkins Square Park female Hawk, has been released back into her park! - February 26th, 2018

I just read on Goggla's site that Dora has recovered from her extended rehabilitation for a wing injury and is back in Tompkins Square Park. Details and pics will be forthcoming so be sure to check back on her site when the details come in. I'll also update this post with the update once I see it. 

The male Hawk Christo has mated/attempted to mate with the new female Nora the first weekend of February so it will be fascinating to see what happens next (if Dora will drive Nora away from the park); especially if Nora is pregnant.


9:25PM Update! Here is Goggla's post of Dora's return to the park (including video footage).

I was curious to see how things were going in Tompkins Square Park so my better half and I arrived around 4:30PM and first found Dora in the newer nest by the northern border of the park:

It looked very much that she was re-staking her claim of the park. I did see another Hawk later on but I could not tell if it was Nora or Christo.

Dora flew from the nest to the eastern trees after several minutes:

Her left wing was marked in red by WINORR (Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation) for easier ID-ing. The marking will fade but apparently her wing droop may be a permanent outcome of her injury but she obviously flies just fine.

Happy shake:

One of the other Hawks flew near her at this point and cried out but I could not tell if it was Christo or Nora. I didn't see where the Hawk headed but Dora continued flying and landed in the Gingko tree nest at the eastern side of the park:

She preened and looked to be enjoying a lovely sun bath. She even reached out and nipped at some of the live tree twigs.

It started to get dark and she flew to another building just outside the park after having been in the nest for close to 50 minutes:

She had a fine time walking and hopping along the fire escape before sitting close to the building as if to roost:

We left her after 11 minutes and discovered who I think was Christo on a church outside the northwest corner of the park (a regular perch for the Hawks):

He flew into the trees after nearly 15 minutes:

I had checked on Dora and she was still on the fire escape so it was clear that both Hawks were settled in for the evening.